Syria-Armed Or Unarmed?

There are members of Congress who seek to arm Syrian rebels in order to overthrow the dictatorship of President Bashar al-Assad.m As Senator John McCain put it to Defense Secretary Leon Panetta:  “how many more have to die beforeyou recommend miltiary action?” McCain wants to arm rebels, he wants them to storm into the capital and wipe out all the bad guys. Panetta defended  non-lethal aid to rebels, the policy being pursued by the President and State Department.

Senator McCain apparently has not recently checked the Middle East. President Mubarak was overthrown in Egypt and now replaced by an Islamist government which denies rights to secularists and Christians. Libya remains a basket case of  groups in conflict over power. Tunisia has an Islamist government which is in conflict with secular groups. And, off in Mali are Islamists who escaped from Libya with weapons.

The US must be careful and only support Syrian rebels who truly seek to establish a government that respects the rights of all-Islamists, women, secular folk and even Christians.