Syria Continues To Be Syria

Ah, Syria, the land of violence in which it is virtually impossible to tell who are the bad guys and who are the good guys. Its President is certainly a  man with whom one could trust his life, particularly if one is an Awalite who adores the man from Damascus. President Assad has gathered together an interesting assortment of folk to fight his battles-Sunni, Shiites, Christians, jihadists, Hezbollah folk and dear friends from Russia and Iran. A major problem is which group represents his enemy. There are those seeking to establish a Sharia state and those seeking to create a secular government. The list of who is against Assad is more lengthy than the list for  him.

Of course, a major force against Assad is Senator John McCain who is itching to send in the Marines. Of course, his own party is divided between patriots seeking war and those seeking lower government expenditures. I opt for a showdown at noon between Sheriff McCain and this President Assad.