Syria Destroys Its Heritage

Syria lies in the center of Middle Eastern history since it was the scene of many incidents from the Bible as well as in the midst of the Crusades. Monuments and documents attest to the important role of this society which was host to great Christians and Muslims during the past two thousand years. Even as I write, bombs are destroying buildings, elminating documents in the fire of war, and allowing looters to gather up an important part of the human heritage.

President Assad, like so many petty dictators, thinks only of self, is oblivious as to what is vital in human history, and would not blink an eye if relics of OUR past burned into cinders. His artillery blast away, will they destroy the tomb of
Saladin? Who knows, and who in the Assad government gives a damn.

I await street mobs in Muslim nations shouting denunciations of this destruction of the Muslim religion. Oops, now if someone printed cartoons….