Syria Doesn’t Dig Opposition

The government of Syria has dug in its heels and decided murder offers a better solution to problems than compromise and peace with its own people. Bashar Assad, junior thug head of Syria who inherited the franchise giving his family absolute power has gazed west and witnessed President Mubarak in jail along with his sons and decided power makes more sense than sleeping on a bunk in a cell. His “security forces”(a pleasant name for murder’s row) are systematically going through cities, arresting people, shooting people, beating up people, under the name of “security.” President Assad still retains the support of Iran, Hamas, and Hezbollah, a trio who are ignored by most nations of the world. Bashar has decided the only way to avoid the fate of Mubarak was to retain complete power and halt any move to a more liberal regime. In the short run, it makes sense, but in the long run, we are all dead.

One wonders if Bashar Assad reflects on two weeks ago when he could have made a few concessions, quieted the masses and emerged as the hero of Syria. He was pulled by fears of his supporters who represent business interests and a Muslim sect which does not trust democracy because if it arrives the power of minorities disappears.