Syria Drops Demand For PreConditions

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he was informed by French president Sarkozy that Syria has agreed to enter into negotiations with Israel without any precondtions that Israel must promise to exit the Golan Heights as a result of discussions. Netanuyahu said he told Sarkozy, “that I prefer direct negotiations bvut if they (Syria)wants a mediator, we want the French for the job.” Sarkozy asked that Turkey assume the role of mediator since it has been in that role for years, but the Israelis are angry because Turkey had the nerve to express anger at the Gaza invasion.

The good news is there will be negotiations with Syria, the bad news is unless Israel is committed to ending its possession of the Golan Heights it simply means a great deal of talk without any possibility of resolving the issue. Israel must evactuate the Golan Heights, it is as simple and clear as that. Until Israel adopts a sense of compromise, discussions will end up with talk and anger, but not solutions.