Syria Enters Stage 2 Of Revolt

The Free Syrian Army most probably over stepped its ability to directly confront the forces of President Assad in Aleppo. An insurgent group can delay an army for some weeks, but in the end, superior fire power, even in a city, will prevail. The insurgents are slowly withdrawing to rural areas which afford greater success for hit-and-run raids. Assad will claim victory, but it is  ephemeral because driving militants from Aleppo simply had them retreat into the countryside.

However, yesterday there were reports of vehicles exploding and buses attacked. The FSY is now entering Stage 2. During the coming months they will  explode cars in major cities and assassinate important officials. Civilians will die, the anguish of a civil war will impact all families. The war will drag on until, at some point, Assad, family and friends depart for friendlier parts.