Syria Hedges On Peace Talks With Israel

Syria termed a willingness on the part of Israel tocede the Golan Heights was not sufficint to achieve peace with its northern neighbor. Turkey has offered to oversee negotiations between the two nations, but Syria wants the United States to be directly be inolved in any peace negotiations. Syrian President Bashar Assad made clear he opposes secret negotiations and wants everything to be public. Turkish Prime Minister Ergogan offered to organize the peace process including working on the initial stages of çollaboration between the two enemies. Assad ridiculed the notion his country had been building a secret nuclear plant in the desert where it was in full view for the world to see. He said the facility was a military, not a potential nuclear base.

One of the ongoing problems in the Middle East is attempting to immediately resolve all problems between nations. Perhaps, it is time to work at a slower rate of progress and get something done to prove peace can be negotiated.