Syria–Limits Of Power

President Bashar al-Assad has made clear that he will not budge from imposing his power upon his own people. Death squads hunt down those who oppose the government, some are beaten, others are killed. The outside world bemoans what is happening to the people of Syria, but reality is very little assistance can be provided to those who suffer under the reign of a mad man whose only goal is power. Turkey, which has power to play a key role in the situation, has established limits as to what it will do. Prime Minister Erdogan issues statements urging Assad to reduce violence, but he will go no further than words. The Syrian-Turkish border will shortly be controlled by Syrian forces and it will be difficult to seek refuge in Turkey. Unfortunately, for the people of Syria, Muslim governments in the Middle East will not use force to protect their fellow Muslims. Unfortunately, for the people of Syrian, the masses are ready to be aroused over cartoons more than seek to aid fellow Muslims outside their own borders.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton can issue warnings. The International Criminal Court of Justice can issue warnings and threats, but Assad will simply ignore those statements. The bottom line is Assad would only be frightened if Muslim masses rose in anger against his government and crossed the border to help fellow Muslims. It simply will not happen.