Syria Moves Closer To Russia And An Arms Deal

Syrian leader Bashar Assad has been a strong supporter of Russia’s actions toward Georgia and expects to be rewarded for his friendship by receiving extensive shipment of arms, weapons and missile systems. He met with President Medvedev yesterday in Sochi and discussed the possibility of receiving anti-aircraft and anti-tank missile systems. At a time when Israel is now connected with the failed American effort to support Georgia in its ill fated invasion of South Ossetia, the Syrian government is giving unqualified friendship to its new found ally. “We understand the essence of the Russian position and it military response,” he told Medvedev. “We believe Russia was responding to the Georgian provocation…I want to express m y support for the Russian position in Abkhazia and South Ossetia…We oppose attempts to tarnish Russia’s position.”

Israel and many American Jewish supporters continually insist George Bush has been the best friend Israel ever had. Of course, Bush became the greatest recruiter of terrorists in human history by his ill founded Middle Eastern policies and the latest fiasco in Georgia has wound up with Israel’s enemies now receiving extensive military equipment from Russia. Perhaps, those who believe Bush is a great friend of Israel can explain exactly how his policies have improved peace in the Middle East. I certainly can not.