Syria Ready To Negotiate With Israel- Is Israel Ready?

In the topsy turvy world of Israel politics it is doubtful that a new Israel government would be ready to respond to the new Syrian desire for negotiation about issues of concern between the nations. Over the past decades Israel government after government argued there was no desire on the part of Arab nations for peace, but today, the Arab League has come out for peace based on the 1967 borders and Syrian President Bashar Assad said he was ready to negotiate with any Israel government. “One is bad, the other is awful” and admitted his government would simply ignore the ideology of Israel politics and instead focus on how to reach peace with that nation. Assad said peace with Israel was very possible but normal relations would depend on establishing peaceful relations between Israel and a Palestinian government.

There is simply too much irony in the current situation in which Israel leaders now behave in the same manner they complained Arab leaders were acting twenty years ago. How ironic that Israel now has Arab nations prepared to negotiate for everything it wanted twenty years ago, but the entire process is hampered by decisions on the West Bank and in east Jerusalem. Is it possible for the people of Israel to regain their common sense and a realistic view of life in the Middle East?