Syria Redeux

Each day dozens of people in Syria are murdered. Each day the Syrian government kills its own people in order to save them from evil people who want to kill them. Each day the murderous  campaign of President Bashar al-Assad continues and dead bodies fill the streets of this sad land. Naturally, political leaders in the Republican Party are ready to attack President Obama. If he used military might to assist Syrians, Ron Paul would be yelling. If he doesn’t use miiltary might, Romney, Santorum and Gingrich demand war. As you recall, this is the same political party which brought us war in Afghanistan and Iraq, but now blames President Obama for the wars they caused.

President Obama is exploring military options  as he pursues diplomatic and economic options. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and  General Dempsey of the JCS, told a congressional committe a military action was possible but also entailed risks.

One might note that during the Vietnam War, Mitt Romney was on a religious expedition to France and  avoided serving in the armed forces, there is no question that Newt Gingrich would never have survived basic training and Ron Santorum would have spent his time praying–for someone else to  get into combat. Why is it that those who  never risk getting into combat are so quick to urge actions that would get  others to die?