Syria Seeks More Enemies

Two years have passed since the civil war broke out in Syria which means for the past two years President Bashar al-Assad has increasingly torn his nation into pieces and led to the death  of 70,000 people. Perhaps, two years ago, Assad might have worked out some arrangement which would have allowed for a transition and provided him some power. But, each month witnesses deaths and increasing anger toward his regime and cries for death to the tyrant. As thousands of refugees poured into neighboring nations like Jordan its leaders have taken  role in providing shelter and also providing military aid to rebels.

The Syrian state media is now warning Jordan that it was “playing with fire” and poised “on the edge of a volcano” if it persists in aiding rebel forces. There is no doubt rebel insurgents are succeeding in driving out Syrian troops from regions next to the Jordan border. If Assad is stupid enough to attack Jordan he will unleash new supplies and aid to rebels. He might also contemplate whether Israel will allow Jordan to be invaded by Syria.