Syria Solution?

During the past two years the only word that describes the situation in Syria is “chaos.” The horror of President Bashar al-Assad is, all too often, matched by the horror and evil of those opposing his tyrannical rule. Various Islamist groups have emerged along with al-Qaeda, in order to vie for which can outdo the other in murdering innocent people and leaving cities devastated with the end of normal life activities. US Secretary of State John Kerry has met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in order to work out a solution, or to be more accurate, any solution to the current chaos which reigns throughout the land. Kerry said it may now “may be possible for convoys to access local cease fire areas.” In other words, this means if local opposition groups will hold off from attacking government positions then it might just be possible to get food and water and medical care to people in these areas. There is even talk of a cease fire in Aleppo.

The problem in January, 2014 is that those opposing Assad really do not care for any solution that does not entail their continued control of certain areas. The 2.5 million people who have fled or who live in areas in which daily bombing is common are no longer on the minds of opposition groups. Power is the only thing they consider and that means, continue their control of a specific area of Syria. The reason why violence initially arose is no longer the agenda. The problem is that no group any longer which opposes Assad has any other agenda but their continued existence.