Syria? Syria? Wither?

For those who regard the slaughter of innocent people in Syria to be a crime against humanity, the failure of President Obama to take action is regarded as a failure of nerve. However, General Martin Dempsey, Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the decision for peace is the only logical alternative at this point in time. An estimated 93,000 innocent people have died in that sad nation, but the question remains-would entering the conflict result in fewer or more casualties? Dempsey warned Congress that “we must anticipate and be prepared for the unintended consequences of our action.” The slippery slope of invasion leads to more war and more deaths.

Dempsey confronted many critical senators such as John McCain who want air action or arms or trainers to assist rebels. A no-fly zone would require hundreds of ground and sea-based aircraft plus weapon support and intelligence personnel. Dempsey argued it would require about 70,000 troops but McCain believes this is an exaggeration.

As we recall so vividly, President Bush-along with McCain promised victory and  peace in Iraq-just get rid of the bad guys.