Syria, The Land Of Sorrow

Each day in Syria, troops enter towns, they fire upon anyone who dares express the treasonous idea that democracy is what the country needs in order to shake from its economic and social doldrums. President Bashar al-Assad, who spent many years in London, was thought to be a leader who would support basic principles of human rights, but since power is the name of the game in Syria, he has unleashed the dogs of war against his own people and the only principle now being followed is kill, kill, destroy all forms of opposition. Observers noticed scores of military vehicles headed for the town of Jisr al-Shughur in order to kill more people. Most protests in Syria have been peaceful, but the government insists conservative religious fundamentalists seek to overthrow the more secular government of Assad. The latest lie is that protesters killed 120 policemen and this requires use of force in order to hunt down the “murderers.”

Amina al-Abdallah, is the famous Syrian voice who calls herself, the Gay Blogger of Damascus. Witnesses saw her being seized by three armed men and thrown into a car which then sped away. Her crimes are: speaking for democracy, and speaking as a lesbian. One can only wonder which is the worse crime–democracy or being a lesbian?