Syria Urges Peace With Iran

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said any attack on Iran would be a disaster not merely for the Middle East but for the entire world. “Nobody in the world will be able to bear the consequences of any action that is not peaceful because it would not result in a solution but in a disaster.” During his meeting with President Sarkozy, the Syrian leader emphasized the importance of relying on diplomatic approaches rather than resort to a military solution. In response, Sarkozy urged Assad to make clear to Iran the importance of working with the United Nations in resolving issues concerning its nuclear program.

Sarkozy has taken the lead in reaching out to Assad. He has promised economic aid if Syria will take steps to end imprisonment of political prisoners and restore the semblance of a democratic society. Assad and Sarkozy will join leaders of Turkey and Qatar in discussing possible solutions to the Israel-Palestinian problem and to the turmoil in Lebanon.