Syrian Cry For End To Crimes Against People!

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon finally raised the issue of “crimes against humanity” in describing policies of President Bashar al-Assad in Syria. “We see neighborhoods shelled indiscriminately, hospitals used as torture centers, children as young as ten years old chained and abused. We see almost certain crimes against humanity.” During the past year the world has witnessed an out pouring of articles, videos, protests and speeches which condemn the brutality of President Assad.

It is one thing to make speeches, but another to actually do something. What can be done:

1. A ban on Syrian planes landing in other nations.

2. Sanctions to ban trade with the current leadership of Syria.

3. If Israel was blamed for crimes it is equally important for Syria to also be blamed by the UN for its crimes.

4. It would help if Muslim imams took a stand and marched into Syria to protect fellow members of their religion. Martin Luther King marched for freedom and endured brutality. How about Muslim clerics following his example?