Syrian Dilemma

The situation in Syria become worse with each passing day as military forces enter towns, beat, brutalize and kill civilians while the world issues complaints. Most probably, if President Bashar al-Assad launched an attack on Israel, protesters in his nation would rally around the “great leader” since the issue is not democracy and peace, but democracy and further hatred. Perhaps, we are too cynical, but there is scant evidence among those protesting against the brutal regime of Assad that their goal is creating a Syria in which all ethnic and religious groups can live in peace and have freedom of thinking. In Egypt, those who protested against the dictatorial regime of President Mubarak within days of pushing him from power launched attacks on Coptic Christians. Alawites in Syria who currently control the government fear once Assad is ousted from power, the majority Sunni who lead protests will usher in a new era of discrimination and hatred toward Christian and Alawites minorities.

Until forces of “democracy” in the Middle East make clear they seek to establish a society in which ALL enjoy equal rights, minority groups will support dictators on grounds the evil I know is preferable to the evil I do not know.