Syrian Dissidents Going Nowhere

The two main Syrian dissident groups, the Syrian National Council, and the National Coordinating Body for Democratic Change in Syria agreed to cooperate in order to rid the nation of President Bashar al-Assad. Their agreement looked forward to creation of a “civilian pluralist parliamentary system” in which all groups were represented. Of course, if one examines elections in Egypt, triumph of rigid Muslim groups has frightened secular forces in that nation who wonder why they risked so much in order to allow clerics to take over from military leaders.

The Syrian announcement also promised to “liberate Syrian territory” which undoubtedly means attacking Israel in order to regain the Golan Heights. This is ridiculous because it ensures minimum cooperation from the United States and the European Union. The last thing on their minds is helping Syria to rid itself of a dictator and then having war break out with Israel. THE issue for Syrians is removing President Assad and creating a PEACEFUL democratic society!