Syrian Fairy Tales

The world knows about tales from Arabian Nights, but today we have some new fairy tales and they come from Syria. President Bashar al-Assad has promised and promised United Nation’s officials that he wants a cease fire and seeks to end violence in his nation. However, if one examines the fine print on this piece of paper it is clear that Bashar means he wants the opposition to cease fire so they can more readily be arrested, tortured and killed. Where did the world get the idea he meant an end to firing by the Syrian army?

UN Secretary-General  Ban Ki-moon fears a new blood bath will soon result from continued shelling by the Syrian army which once again is shelling opposition forces in Homs. UN observers are being prevented to visit these fire points in order to seek the end of fighting. Ban Ki-moon made clear to the president, “it is the Syrian government’s responsibility to guarantee freedom of access, freedom of movement within the country.”

Surely, by now the world MUST know that Bashar has but one goal-crush the opposition before they can crush him.