Syrian Government Blasts US but Syrian People Want Peace

Syria’s Minister of Information, Mohsen Bilal, compared the US and Israel to a snake, “ready to attack any minutes, even it it knows it will die.” He also criticized Saudi Arabia for agreeing to participate in peace talks to resolve problems with Israel. Ironically, his remarks came shortly after release of a survey of Syrian public opinion conducted by Terror Free Tomorrow which indicated 51% of Syrians would accept a peace treaty with Israel if the Golan Heights was evacuated. Even more surprising was that 63% urged their government to cooperate with the United States in helping to end violence in Iraq.

The Syrian population wants peace but the United States refuses to enter into negotiation with its government over Middle Eastern issues. If the Syrian government was brought into the fold of negotiation, it would temper its language and become a positive force in creating conditions for peaceful stability in the region.