Syrian Key Leader Assassinated!

The murky waters of Syrian politics became ever more confusing with the assassination over the weekend of a key figures in the government of Bashar al- Assad. General Muhammad Seuleiman was killed by a sniper who was on a yacht off shore. Israel and Syrian opposition forces believe Suleiman worked closely with Hizbullah and may have opposed recent efforts to forge a peace agreement between Israel and Syria. Iran immediately accused Israel of being behind the murder, and Israeli sources refused to confirm or deny the accusations. Syria’s tightly controlled media did not event report the killing, but sources say he was killed while on beach.

Explanations for the murder range from internal Syrian conflicts over power and responsibility to Israel Mossad agents to a power struggle and so on. The main issue confronting Syria at this moment is: whether to pursue negotiations with Israel for a peace treaty, whether to continue working closely with Iran and Hizbullah, or simply to ignore the reality of power groups in the Middle East and remain isolated from the West.