Syrian Nights–And Days

As I recall, it was just a few months–or years  ago-that war broke out in Syria and the killing fields began to fill up with bodies. President Bashar al-Assad returned to his policy of murdering anyone who dared to oppose his rule. People drifted into Syria from other areas of the Middle East, they were given arms by Saudi Arabis or Qatar or Kuwait and the killing accelerated. President Obama just wanted to see the  last American soldiers leave the Middle East–for good- and he stood down from killing. Yesterday, suicide bombers killed 28 in Turkey and that nation is angry and wants to kill someone, but really does not want to kill enough people to get their nation involved in the killing fields of Syria.

There will be protests, there will be accusation, some Republicans in Congress will demand American forces to be sent into Syria while other Republicans will denounce President Obama for getting involved. At this point in time, no one is certain as to who are the good or bad guys or the guys caught in the middle.

Now, if anyone wants to end the slaughter in Syria, hire someone to publish a book that contains blasphemy and we can all focus on that  key issue.