Syrian No Say Americans

The aftermath of Bush’s war in Iraq still lingers in the hearts of Americans. A new poll  revealed that only 5% of Americans want US boots on the ground to aid Syrian rebels in their fight against President Bashar al-Assad and only 12% of Americans even suppor the idea of providing military assistance to the rebels. Why? The American public got burned by the lies and distorted logic offered by the Bush administration concerning why the need for war in Iraq.Once burned, twice cautious is the new belief among Americans. Secondly, the war in Syria is confusing, there is no clear cut group which, if triumphant, would establish a democratic society in Syria.

John McCain and fellow Republicans who want action NOW still do not grasp there is no one behind them in this quest. Secondly, it is as likely for al-Qaeda wo emerge victorious in Syria as those of secular beliefs. Caution if the word of this moment in Syria.