Syrian Peace Conference

There is a conference taking place in Switzerland which is attended by several nations, and it includes representatives from rebel forces fighting in Syria as well as the Foreign Minister of that nation, walid Moualem who is fighting mad. He arrived ready to talk with someone, or should we say, ready to tell someone why they are terrorists for fighting against President Bashar Assad, friend of the poor, friend of those in need of freedom. After three days at this UN sponsored meeting, both sides finally agreed “to meet in the same room.” OK, we have now overcome the first hurdle, both sides will be in the same room and thus able to talk with one another. Of course, these words are merely an assumption as to what MIGHT happen.

Lakhdar Brahimi, the Algerian mediator who is in charge of actually moving both parties from sitting and glaring at one another to engaging in conversations. His real problem is persuading both sides to recognize “what is at stake, the country is in bad shape.”

The real dilemma is that rebels are NOT going to emerge with the end of President Assad. Frankly, the best they can achieve is to have guarantees that at some point in X number of years, Assad will step down. Sorry, that is the best that can be achieved.