Syrian President Now In Diplomatic Demand

Syria is enjoying a dramatic change in its place in the world since just a few years ago it was atop the Bush list of terrorist nations, but today its President Bashar Assad is courted and welcomed by many countries. Assad has been described by the American government as a prime supporter of terrorism, but Israel now seeks his cooperation in building bridges of peace. Assad is not a charismatic person nor does he pontificate as a populist leader of Arab masses, he is simply an ex ophthalmologist who for some strange reason is head of a nation that can play an important role in dealing with Middle Eastern concerns. Syria lies amidst Israel, Turkey, Iran and Iraq so it can either play a role assisting terrorists to function in other countries or it can clamp down on terrorism and help restore peace to the region.

During the past few months, Assad has been visited by French President Sarkozy, met with German Chancellor Merkel, joined in peace talks with Israel and visited Iran to discuss the nuclear weapon issue. Israel planes a few years ago destroyed what was described as the beginning of a nuclear plant, but today that is forgotten and world leaders work to persuade Assad to abandon the road of terrorism and pursue one of peace.

No one, as of yet, knows exactly which will be the road traveled by Assad.