Syrian Road To Nowhere

Over year has gone by without any resolution of the horror that is Syria. There are UN discussions, resolutions are proposed, killed by Russia or China, a diplomat in England or France or the United States urges action. Their plea makes the six o’clock news, a commentator speaks in hushed profound words, and the next day more Syrians die. Of course, some Syrians are tired of being killed and resort to killing government troops. Now and then a UN observer in Syria is harassed or a vehicle blown up which leads to somber words of warning.

Muslims in other nations never take action to assist fellow Muslims in Syria. Of course, if some American soldier, by accident, destroys a Koran, thousands flock into the streets demanding action. Kill a few hundred or thousand Muslims in Syria and the sound of silence is the only noise to be heard.

No one gives a damn. Check out Facebook for a single intelligent concern about the death of thousands. Of course, today on  Facebook, millions discussed what they ate or wore. And, the killing goes on and on.