Syrian Stalemate??

The bombs continue to fall in Syria. Soldiers continue to blast away at one another. As I write, hundreds of men, women and children are head for Jordan or Lebanon or anywhere that is safe from death and destruction. The government of President Bashar al-Assad controls certain areas of the country while various opposition groups control other sectors. Even as opponents fight the government they are fighting among themselves for control of this city or that city. Qadri Jamil, deputy prime minister of the Assad government raised the issue as to whether the situation has raised a stalemat conflict in which neither side can defeat the other. Yes, this is horrible. Assad will continue to rule-at least over a portion of the county. Reality–it has become a zero balance of forces. The economy has collapsed, over 100,000 are dead and at least two million are refugees, either in Syria or elsewhere.

The sad conclusion is that once a conflict has reached the stalemate stage it is time to call a cease fire. Perhaps, next step is to acknowledge that certain sectors are controlled by a group. Halt the fighting, and end the murder of people. This is not a neat solution, but it will end death and destruction–for a moment.