Syrian Troops Gather At Lebanon Border

The government of Bashar Assad has consistently supported terrorist activities throughout throughout the Middle East, but it is now concerned about the presence of terrorists within its own territory. Several days after an explosion in Damascus, which most probably was carried out by Islamist fundamentalists who dislike the secular rulers of Syria, the government of Syria discovered a new interest in dealing with extremists. Syrian troops are reported massing on the border of Lebanon, a nation with whom Syria historically has tried to rule, but now has shaken loose of such controls. Two days ago in the Lebanese city of Tripoli, a bus carrying Lebanese troops blew up killing several people.

The Syrian government insists its troops are only at the border to prevent smuggling, but most observers belief their presence is a warning to the government of Lebanon not to attempt any fostering of violence against Syria.

In the confused world of Middle Eastern politics groups shift and switch making it impossible to completely grasp who is with whom. A Syrian ally, Hizbullah is now a prominent part of the Lebanese government, but that in itself may not be sufficient to allay Syrian fears about violence entering their nation from Lebanon.