Syrians Die And Muslims Act Like Sheep

A few years ago Israeli soldiers pounded into Gaza and killed innocent civilians. The Muslim world exploded in anger at this violation of human dignity. But, today in Syria gunmen roam the streets of Hamas randomly shooting at innocent people and the Muslim world is silent. A man in Hama gave the following description: “People are being slaughtered like sheep while walking in the street. I saw  with my own eyes a young boy on a motorcycle who was carrying vegetables being run over by a tank.”

Gunmen, known as Shabiha, are under orders to shoot to kill. The government of Bashar al-Assad has lost all moral authority and is reduced to killing and killing in order to deal with dissent. As they kill, the silence from Muslim imams is deafening. As they kill, the absence of Muslim youth shouting protests in Algeria or Tunisia or Egypt is a frightening demonstration of Muslim hypocrisy. A Muslim gunmen who kills a civilian is as guilty of murder as one killed by an Israeli soldier.