Syrians Go Home

An interesting shift in populations is now occurring in Syria. As thousands of militants enter the country to kill either those supporting President Assad or those who oppose the man in Damascus, thousands more are attempting to get the hell out of the hell. Syrian Kurds are heading for the Kurdish state in northern Iraq in hope of finding some peace and quiet. During the past week an estimated 20,000 crossed the border and are now in Kurdish land. Of course, the arrival of thousands without money or jobs does create a few minor problems for those in Iraq. Fortunately, there are well armed Kurdish militias to handle attacks from those who hate Syrian Kurds.

I suspect we need to gather together militants entering Syria and find them places where they can kill one another without bothering local Syrians who simply want to live something like a normal life. Most probably, if one is a Kurd in Syria, it is best to get the hell out of the country and seek refuge with fellow Kurds.

Is there any land of refuge for Syrian Christians? I would advice not entering Egypt.