Syrians Murdered By Assad, Arabs Attack Israel!

First, let me make clear my support of Palestinians and their right to the West Bank and to eastern Jerusalem. I detest Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu who is a demagogue, first class who plays to Orthodox extremists. But, there is something morally and politically wrong when thousands of Syrians are being killed, wounded or brutalized and we have yet to see ANY EXAMPLE OF ARABS COMING TO THEIR AID!! Syrians are fleeing the murderous soldiers of the Syrian armed forces and some even use horses or mules to carry possessions in order to reach the safety of Lebanon or Jordan. In recent days, 16 people, including eight from the same family. were murdered in the city of Talkalakh. A 55 year old man named Ahamd told reporters; “If you walk in the city of Talkalakh you can smell dead bodies.” Umm Rashid said “we did not want to have our throats slit.” Human Rights of Syria now estimates at least 850 people have been killed by the goon squads of President Assad.

There is something amiss in this so-called Arab spring for democracy when thousands of fellow Arabs are being murdered and the only response is to storm Israel barriers. There is a time and place to address the issue of Israel brutality, but right now the issue is clearly, President Assad and his goon squads of death.