Taiwan-It’s 2009, Not 1959!

Two decades ago, the Cold War ended, but ramifications of that episode in history continue to impact the world. For some strange reason, the United States continues believing that Taiwan needs armaments to protect itself against–China? At a meeting with US General George Casey, General Chen Bigde, head of the Chinese Army sharply reacted to reports of US arms sales to Taiwan claiming “you keep challenging and violating our national interests.” He went on to emphasize that “when the US wants us to cooperate, they are good to us, they are friendly to us. Otherwise they can do anything they want, even to offend the Chinese people.”

China is not going to invade Taiwan, a major trading partner and a nation that has invested heavily in its economy. There is no need to sell arms to Taiwan other than to assist American arms manufacturers making money. Pray tell us why Taiwan needs $6.5 billion in arms.

  • http://michaelturton.blogspot.com Michael Turton

    We need those weapons so that we can keep China off our backs. They threaten us with 1400 missiles right now. While the current Administration is totally pro-China and hurrying to annex the island to China before it is voted out of power, the pro-Taiwan side may come back into power, and they will need those weapons to keep us free. The idea that China will not invade because of the economic cost is laughable fantasy — the CCP’s legitimacy rests on nationalism in part, and annexing Taiwan is a major goal of Chinese expansionist nationalism.

    Expansionist powers such as China, which claims Taiwan though no ethnic Chinese emperor ever controlled it and it was historically always considered outside of China, can only be dealt with by the threat of force. If you know of some way we can secure the island’s democracy and independence without a credible military defense against China, please let everyone know.

    Michael Turton
    The View from Taiwan blog