Take A Chance On Taliban?

Foreign policy entails making assumptions, making choices, and risk taking. The United States has been engaged in a long tiresome war in Afghanistan which apparently has no end other than future chaos. America and NATO forces will be leaving Afghanistan within a year or so and the prospect for peace after their departure is rather problematic. President Hamid Karzai has finally  decided to allow a delegation to visit Taliban leaders held in Guantanamo prison. Five Taliban leaders apparently agreed to being transferred to Qatar.

Secretary of State Clinton hopes such a transfer MIGHT result in opening the door for negotiations with Taliban leaders in Afghanistan for a compromise solution and bring a halt to fighting. It is a risk. Naturally,  Republicans in Congress oppose any negotiations. They want the war to continue so they can blame the war on President Obama.

Gee, as I recall it was a Republican president along with a Republican  Congress that began this war. Oops, I forgot, it was all the fault of Democrats and that young community organizer in Chicago!