Take Guantanamo Inmates Says UN

Manfred Nowak, the UN’s torture investigator, insisted on Monday that many being held in Guantanamo were there simply because they happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and had never been guilty of any crime other than being entrapped in the Bush mania to up figures on capturing “terrorists.” Nowak urged nations to put aide their fears and accept those coming out of the infamous American prison in Cuba. “Many (detainees) were clearly in the wrong place at the wrong time, and simply fell into the hands of Pakistani bounty hunters paid by the Americans.” Australia has already refused to take any of the men leaving the prison and according to Nowak this is unfair to those who are innocent of any crime. He even pressed his own native Austria to take up to 250 former prisoners.

The tragedy of Guantanamo prison is that those who created this monstrosity will never be punished. They will live out their lives in peace while those who endured their brutality must spend years trying to explain how an innocent man could wind up in a prison. Perhaps, the best thing any of these men can say is simply, “I am a victim of George Bush’s illegal behavior, are you?”