Take Our Culture Or-LEAVE!

The history of America is a story of one group after another told they must abandon their culture and adopt whatever those in charge of the USA decides is appropriate. During the 19th century there were repeated attacks on the Irish who were denied jobs, restricted in where they could live, and kept out of the best colleges. The nation has had over 40 presidents and only ONE was Catholic! Italians and Jews also faced persecution or were told to stop eating foreign foods and eat and drink like an American-beer? Of course, beer came from those lousy German immigrants.

Mayor Robert MacDonald of Lewiston, Maine, is the latest to speak words of hate. He told a BBC reporter that Somali immigrants in his town should “accept our culture and  leave your culture at the door.” Gee, culture includes foods we eat, you know, like native born spaghetti or bagels. I assume the Puritans ate bagels. Immigrants were responsible for the movie industry, the TV industry, the radio industry and thousands of business establishments.

Since Jewish and Irish comedians influenced that aspect of our culture, we can only assume that Mr. Raymond is adverse to laughter. Then again, he is a rather good clown.