Taking Christ Out Of Christmas?

I was listening to one of those people on Fox News who claim to be a reporter and they were complaining about how Christ has been taken out of Christmas. For one time, I am on the side of Fox News. There is no question that Christ has been taken out of Christmas. Look at the evidence:

1. Instead of a health care bill that offered a public option to those who were tired of being ripped off by private health care companies, all we got was a warmed over version of what most Europeans already possess– inexpensive health care.

2. Instead of using $900 billion to provide jobs and rebuild America’s infrastructure, the wealthy 1% got an Xmas present of nearly $200 billion. As I recall, Jesus was not too enthusiastic about the wealthy.

3. Instead of passing the Dream Act which would have provided citizenship to children of immigrants who have spent their lives in this country, Republicans said –NO! I have a feeling Jesus would have said: YES!

4. America has among the worse records in dealing with the health of young children. We all know what Christ thought about children, the exact opposite of how Republicans think.

5. Jesus Christ was concerned about the beauty and well being of Planet Earth. The exact opposite of what Republicans think.

6. Our young men and women are dying in Afghanistan and Iraq. I always thought Christ blessed the peace makers, not the war makers.

Yes, Fox News, the Republican party has taken Christ out of Christmas.