Tal Law Controversy In Isarael

In 1948 as the new nation of Israel was born Jewish society faced a difficult religious problem. Thousands of rabbis and other Jewish religious leaders had been killed during the Holocaust. It made sense at that point in time to defer from military service in Israel young men who were studying the Torah and could eventually become religious leaders in their society. The Tal Law deferred them from military service and provided funding for their studies.

By 2012 there are over 60,000 religious men covered by the Tal Law. They do not have to serve in the military and they receive public funding which enables them to also defer work in order to study. Large protests are arising in Israel against the Tal Law.  Israel society has a large number of public funded men who do not work –except to study the Torah– and who enjoy the presence of many children.

These men should be given the option of public service or military service. They also should cease receiving public funding and get a job. If one is a member of Israel society, then one must be responsible for the entire society, not for his own desires.