Talban Expand Power In Pakistan

The Pakistan government arranged a “peace agreement” with the Taliban which allowed Islamic fanatics to impose Sharia law in the Swat Valley and, in effect, become the ruling power in the region. This display of weakness has only made the Taliban more confident of their power and hundreds of its soldiers were sent into the neighboring Buner district where they quickly made clear Sharia law was now in effect and they would decide what happens in the area. A Taliban commander said they would establish strict Islamic sharia courts in Buner, but would allow the police to continue their work dealing with local criminals.

In theory, the agreement between the Pakistan government and the Taliban was for disarmament in exchange for the right to impose sharia law. Taliban leaders must be laughing at this naive attitude on the part of President Zardari who actually believed the Taliban would adhere to any agreement! At some point, Zardari has to get a touch of reality and send in the army to restore his government’s power. Or, Pakistan will witness a salami tactic by the Taliban of slicing off one district at a time until one day Zardari wakes up to discover he is now an ineffectual president of a Taliban nation.

  • http://M/D Sohail baig

    Talban is pure Islamic Person and specile Islamic Tsak force.100 countries same same america and 100 countries NATO and 100 countries same same Pakistan.
    upes and downs comes ” Supper Allah” some tanks some misle nothing dear other tech.
    I know what is the logic? Sohail Baig Pakistani

  • http://www.theimpudentobserver.com Fred Stopsky