Tale Of Eight Pygmies

The Pygmy Headed Partyof America(officially, Republican) held a “debate”which was designed to prove which pygmy mind was superior to other such brains. Governor Rick Perry insisted the state of Texas had created jobs by offering low taxes, minimal government regulation and no unions getting in the way. Romney struck back by noting Texas has vast oil and gas resources which help account for job increases. He also made it a point to note Texas has enormous poverty and the worse school graduation rates.

Perry insisted on terming Social Security a “Ponzi Scheme” and each such comment brought smiles to the face of Romney. Perry continued his attacks on science and defended this position by insisting “scientists” did not believe in global weather changes. When asked to name such a “scientist,” he was unable to actually provide a name.

When one is cursed with a pygmy brain, there are some intellectual limits. The name of the limit is “Perryville.”