Tale Of Exemplary Texas School!

Republican conservatives like Governor Rick Perry continually boast about raising school test scores in order  to prove the importance of holding teachers “accountable” for their work. The Field Elementary School is living proof that when conservatives claim they can raise test scores, they can. It turns out that 3rd grade students were ONLY taught Math and Reading in order to perform well on the state test, Texas Assessment Knowledge and Skills. Oh, the other subjects, sorry you asked about them. Teachers and principal simply gave students “A” grades in Social Studies or Language Arts even though the courses were never taught!

Principal Roslyn Carter is a bit confused as to why people think she did something wrong. She was unaware of certain rules about grading. I guess they never taught her in College that one must teach a course in order to issue students grades. Look, if no one told her, how can you blame her for a little thing like lying about grades??

Oh, the state of Texas rates the Field School as “exemplary.”