Tale Of Gay Horror And HIV

A Dutch court heard a horrible tale of how three men organized gay parties during which victims were raped and injected with the HIV virus. The men invited people they had met through Internet exchanges to a party at which raped the victims and while they were unconscious infected them with the virus. Several of the victims did not initially know they had been infected and proceeded to infect other loved ones. One witness, named Erwin, commented, “one must have incredible hatred” to do this to other people. One of the accused claimed a man named Mulder, who is a nurse, was the one who drugged the drinks of victims and then administered the HIV injections.

The Dutch men were themselves infected with HIV but they even went further to ensure their victims got the disease by the use of an injection. The men who committed this heinous act do not appear to have any remorse. They will undoubtedly go to jail for anywhere from eight to fifteen years, but the victims are sentenced to life with HIV.