Tale Of Generals In Combat

The past several months have witnessed an amazing tale of sex, corruption and incompetence among several generals in the United States Army. David Petraeus and his escapades with a woman, or was it two women, proved once and for all that graduating from West Point does not ensure one understands the intricacies of combat when engaged with a female opponent. Some men lead with their minds, others with their peckers. General Petraeus has done a good job in his military life–particularly in hand-to-hand combat with the media. He had gained several victories until the latest setback that was caused by emails not weapons of war.

General John Allen who commands forces in Afghanistan most probably set a record for being able to supervise 80,000 troops while firing away at his computer to some gal far away in America. Frankly, we believe he deserves a medal for being able to send 20,000 emails.

Of course, there is General Ward, just relieved in Africa who spent thousands of dollars on his visits and journeys -away from any battlefield. He does have a partner in the Navy, Admiral Stavridis who came in second in the battle to spend our nation’s money. In one respect, we should not be too hard on these men whose crime was money since there is always General Sinclair who is facing sexual harassment charges.

During WWII, General George Marshall, head of the US Army, constantly brought front  line generals home for weekend passes so they would have some time with the spouse and deal with the sex issue. We need a new General Marshall.