Tale Of Omar Khadr Ends

The tale of a fifteen year old boy born in Canada finally came to a conclusion in a court in Guantanamo Bay prison when he confessed to having killed an American sergeant with a grenade in 2001. Of course, Omar Khadr is now 24 years of age and has spent nine years in prison for the crime of being involved in a war. For years he denied ever having thrown the grenade and insisted he had been tortured and forced to confess while still a teenager by American interrogators. His Canadian lawyer, Dennis Edney told the media: “he had to come to a hellish decision, he had to make it on his own to get out of Guantanamo Bay.” Edney insisted his client was innocent, but the only way to become free was to confess.

The plea agreement calls for one more year in an American prison and then transfer to Canada where he expects to gain his freedom. One can only wonder if every person in combat was forced to stand trial for killing would we even have enough courts to handle the issue.