Tale Of Russian Activist- Now In Ukraine

A hope of believers in the need for Russia to become a democratic society was the advent of Medvedev would result in changes leading to the end of oppressive actions against those who oppose the government. Ana Ploskonosova is a twenty year old girl who is active in politics as a member of the National Bolshevik Party and took part in demonstrations against the government. Her fiancee had been beaten to death in rather murky circumstances and she has passion and drive to express her views. During a demonstration, she confronted a policeman and was subsequently arrested and charged with assaulting a member of the police, a charge that could result in a five year prison term.

Ms. Ploskonosova fled to the Ukraine and yesterday was granted political asylum. It is fascinating how in Putin-Medvedev Russia, a 20 year old girl poses physical problems to an armed policeman. Exactly what was the threat to his physical being– she might throw a punch? I suspect the only challenge was her mouth, but, then again, Putin-Medvedev do not like anyone who dares mouthing words about the current lack of democracy in Russia.