Tale Of Teenage Shooter

He was fifteen years old living in Albuquerque, New Mexico. His father was a popular pastor who was known to many as a kind and decent individual. The boy and dad loved guns and his father would  often take the boy out to the shooting range where he could  blast away with an assault AR-15 rifle. Dad did not think it a problem to  teach a fifteen year old boy how to use an assault rifle. Two days ago the Nehemiah Griego took the AR-15 assault rifle and proceeded to kill his mother and three siblings. Soon dad arrived and he was also killed by the boy he had taught to shoot. After these murders, the boy texted a picture of his dead mom to his fifteen year old girl friend. They then spent a pleasant day together.

Instead of heading to Walmart-which sells guns– in order to kill more people, the boy surrendered to the police. There is no doubt the National Rifle Assoication  will cite this as another example in which guns, not people killed people.