Tale Of Two Men Who Lingered

Former President Luarent Gbagbo was repeatedly urged to leave the presidency after he lost a fair election, but this meglomaniac decided to continue fighting. His refusal to surrender power resulted in the death of thousands and massive destruction of his land. When he finally was captured, the initial words from his mouth were, “don’t kill me.” Of course, had he left a month earlier Gbagbo would now be on the Riviera having a wonderful time. Switch to Egypt. President Hosni Mubarak wads repeatedly urged to surrender power and get the hell out of Egypt but he dithered and hesitated. During the turmoil that characterized protests against his rule, hundreds were injured or killed burt he insisted there would not be any departure from his nice offices where people did his bidding. Surprise, he was finally forced to leave and now is facing charges of criminal behavior.

His sons now are in the same prison where dad sent those who opposed his rule.In Cairo’s Tora prison, countless men and women were tortured and brutalized while old man Mubarak never said a word. Today, the prison welcomed Gamal Mubarak and Alaa Mubarak. Dad is now under detention in a hospital. We suspect the boys are wondering why the heck they never left Egypt when the leaving was easy.