Tales of Bracelets, Pins, and Bravery On Campaign Trail

The election of 2008 has focused extensively on who wears a pin or who has a bracelet and who has undergone torture at the hand of the enemy. Senator John McCain can not get through a speech without referring back to Vietnam and the torture he endured, apparently to prove if one was tortured it represented training to become president. Lately, Senator McCain has wrapped himself around the American flag and introduced the face he wears a bracelet. Senator Obama was not to be outbid on the bracelet vote and proudly announced he also was wearing a bracelet given him by Tracy Jopek whose son died in Iraq. She initially asked him not to mention her name, but after he did, she said it was OK.

One can only wonder if the bracelet effect will count more in the minds of voters than the loss of their life savings. Will they stand behind a man who was tortured over a man who never even served in the military! Then, again, we must not forget the importance of wearing an American pin.