Tales Of Woe For Julian Continue

Julian Assange became a  modern folk hero via his participation in the famous Wikileaks that revealed to the world hundreds of stories dealing with what was said by diplomats in “secret.” Obviously, whenever a diplomat says something to a friend or superior that message is of such vital importance to national security it must never be revealed. Julian fears that  Sweden is working with American officials to find a way to have him sent to the USA which has a death penalty.

The Swedish government charges Julian with sexual molestation and rape and wants him to be present in a court of law. Julian claims it is a trick to get him from England to Sweden which will then allow American officials to extradite him to the USA. So, Julian walked into the Embassy of Ecuador in London and asked for political asylum. The pseudo dictator of Ecuador, one President Rafael Correa greeted the news of Assange in his Embassy with delight. It provides an opportunity to give it to the US in their rear end.

So, who is this guy named Assange? Hero of civil rights? Molester of women? Frightened of being on trial? Celebrity of  the moment? Take your pick. Frankly, we really have no idea whether he molested women and certainly do not suggest he didn’t. But, Sweden should offer guarantees that Assange will not be extradited to the USA. Then, get on with the trials.