Taliban: Ami Go Home!

The Taliban welcomed an announcement by French President, Francois  Hollande, that his troops would be vacating the land of Afghanistan by the end of the year. According to the Taliban, that is a “decision based on the realities” and is an excellent suggestion for all to follow. The organization of killers went on to offer suggestions for other nations. “We call on all the other NATO countries to avoid working for the political interests of American officials and answer the call of your own people by removing all troops from Afghanistan.”

I understand the call to leave, but where do Taliban folk get the idea maintaining US forces in Afghanistan is a wise political move on the part of President Obama? Most Americans want to beat French troops in the race to depart from Afghanistan. The only officials who want to remain are  group of Republicans who boast of war. Of course, when Mitt Romney had an opportunity to fight in Vietnam, he decided to go on a religious tour of France.